[SOLVED] GRUB Disappeared


Alright, so let me give you some back story of how I like to run my computer.
I have a dual boot consisting of Manjaro XFCE and Windows 8.1, I very frequently swap between the two, Manjaro for coding purposes, and things alike, and Windows for gaming.

Just recently I started played Battlefield 4 a lot, which meant I was on Windows almost every day. All was working perfectly fine, I’d go through GRUB to boot Windows, like I always did. However over time my GRUB just started to fade away, I’d boot and it’d go directly into Windows without GRUB at all. Now it’s completely gone from my boot order, and I can’t get back into my Manjaro, at all. I’d also like to mention that I had noticed this, and went into my BIOS to check the boot order, it was still there, however this time it was below my Windows boot, so I bumped it up above it, however when I booted into it this time it was sent into rescue mode, I ended up fixing that (lost some sanity) and I rebooted a few times to make sure I had fixed this whole “rescue mode” thing and GRUB was working again, I had fixed it.

However now it’s gone again and I can’t seem to fix it.

I really need help here, any contribution is appreciated.

So this is a uefi boot system? If yes, continue if no (meaning if it’s bios-legacy see this.

UEFI only
If can boot into manjaro, at terminal, first check there is a /boot/efi

$ findmnt /boot/efi

If there, then

sudo grub-install

If cannot boot into Manjaro, let us know, it’s quite another long process, but show partitions tell us what partitions are…/boot/efi /boot if any, and / for Manjaro

$ fdisk -l
$ lsblk -f

Yes, my system is UEFI and I cannot get into Manjaro, at all.

Alright then…
Boot into livecd (in uefi), make sure you know where the /boot/efi ($esp) partition is and of course the manjaro partition.
I assume there is no separate /boot partition, otherwise, shout out now. Do not continue yet (if there is separate /boot).
Use these to check where the partitions are, even if you’re sure, recheck!

fdisk -l
sudo blkid
sudo parted -l

Now, I am going to take sda1 as the /boot/efi and sda5 as the / partition for Manjaro. [1]
Of course change to correct partitions below.

after checking /boot/efi and / partition, at livecd terminal,

sudo mount /dev/sda5 /mnt
sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi
sudo grub-install --target=x86_64-efi --efi-directory=/mnt/boot/efi
–bootloader-id=manjaro --boot-directory=/mnt/boot --recheck --debug

And… just to be sure, check Manjaro fstab that there is an entry for /boot/efi (should be there) before we reboot.
If none, add an entry for it.


[1] - I used sda1 and sda5 because in the past when I used sdxy and sdxz, people input in sdxy and sdxz.

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