[SOLVED] GRUB connect new HDD with Windows installed

Hello team

I have a very noob question but I need to be sure before I’ll mess up my system.

Currently I have:
1TB HDD with Manjaro + Windows on dual boot (my first HDD in this PC)
1 TB HDD for storage (added later)

What I want to do:
Remove Windows from the first HDD and add another 1 TB HDD with Windows installed there.

My question is: will GRUB figure this out (after running update-grub) or will I have bootloaders conflict and will have to do some configuration wizardry?


No, not so simple.
Sorry for short answer but I am at the airport and going to be out of country for about a week.

Perhaps someone else can give you a more detailed explanation.

Good luck.

Do you have UEFI or Legacy BIOS?
There is different approach depending on that.
What windows version?

Sorry, shoudl’ve mention that in my first post.

I’m using legacy mode at the moment. I want to her rod of Windows 7 and add an HDD with Windows 10.

I was thinking that if I set booting order to boot from my old drive first I would be ok…

I think this is the easy scenario.
I suggest whenever you install your new HDD:
setup your BIOS to boot from that (the new one) and optionaly disable the old one.
Install Win10 onto the new disk in legacy mode (MBR).
After you finish you reboot in your BIOS and setup the old one as first boot.
Get into Manjaro and update Grub. Your new install of Win10 will be recognized and get included in the Grub boot menu.
Like this you select any OS from Manjaro Grub.
You also have the ability to change again the boot disk from BIOS if you need for some reason and can boot to Win10.

That is exactly the scenario that I was hoping for :slight_smile: I’ll wait for my shipment to arrive and let you know how it went.

Thanks a lot!

It appears to be working, but:

  1. It was actually tricky to install Windos 10 in legacy mode
  2. After installing Windows 10 my grub was overwritten and I needed to chroot to my Manjaro installation and reinstall it.

Either way: thanks for the assist.

Tell us how did you install Win10.
Did you disable the Linux disk/s?

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No, I didn’t. Just created two partitions (both around 500 gigs) on new HDD, without any system generated partitions, and selected the first one for installation. And that’s it.

Yes, that’s how it works. Though there’s one way without needing chroot.

Cheers. Welcome to Manjaro.

Nice, it looks like chroot is not necessary at all. I was following an article on wiki, the important part is that it works.

Cheers. Welcome to Manjaro.

Actually I’m running Manjaro for almost 5 years now if I’m counting correctly but thanks :wink:

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