[SOLVED] Graphic environment not loading anymore after update

Hi all,

I'm using Manjaro (kernel version 5.2.8-1, stable branch, originally got from the 18.1.0-rc5 iso). I'm KDE but I believe this is irrelevant since this issue prevents me from booting into a Graphical interface (so, well before KDE kicks in).

I'm on a desktop PC, so there's only 1 graphic card (RTX 2080Ti).

Everything has been working great up to now; this morning I updated my system as requested and, after rebooting, the system doesn't boot anymore into the UI (so, I can't fire up any DE).

The issue seems to be related to the latest NVIDIA drivers. At boot I see a message saying that:
systemd-modules-load.service failed to start.

The service is indeed stopped.
Running sudo journalctl -u systemd-modules-load.service I can see the following:

Failed to find module 'nvidia'
Failed to find module 'nvidia-drm'
Failed to find module 'vboxsf'
Failed to find module 'vboxdrv'
Failed to find module 'vboxpci'
Failed to find module 'vboxnetadp'
Failed to find module 'vboxnetflt'

I'm not sure of what exactly happened here. I've been using the stock system from the original ISO install "as is", without changing anything (I didn't install any custom kernel or particular drivers on my own). I've been just regularly updating the system through pacman as updates where coming in, so everything should be the result of the regular stable distribution going through the tested rolling updates.

It seems pretty clear that the issue is in the NVIDA drivers (that just got updated to the latest version 430.40-1).

Can anyone here help me figure out what the correct path to solve this issue is?

Thanks in advance!

Ok, I solved it :slight_smile:

Immediately after posting this (yeah, sometimes writing things down really helps you focusing on what's really happening) I just told myself:

Wait? since when I'm on Kernel 5.2?? The 18.1.0rc5 came with kernel 5.1!

Yeah, I don't know how (since I never did it explicitely), it seems that this latest update upgraded my kernel to 5.2, without even telling me! That's why the drivers couldn't load (they were for kernel 5.1).

I rebooted the PC using the advanced options and used the last working kernel (5.1.21-1) and BOOM, everything is back to normal.

So, apologies for the dumb issue but also, people watch out for unwanted kernel major release upgrades (that I've never seen happening automatically before, without your consent).