(SOLVED) GNOME doesn't automatically connect to Wi-Fi



I recently switched from KDE to GNOME and when booting my computer it acts like it’s trying to connect to the Wi-Fi but it fails unless I manually turn wifi off and back on. Any tips?


Try this:

Select your wifi connection in Network Manager and apply these settings:

“All users may connect to this network”

“Automatically connect to this network when it is available”

“Store password for all users (not encrypted)”

Then, reboot.


Storing your password unencrypted is a slight security risk if others have physical access to your computer.

There is a possibility others who have access to your computer may be able to find your WiFi login credentials if it is not encrypted.

If that doesn’t work, then after you have restarted and your network is not working run this command:

nmcli networking off; sleep 3; nmcli networking on

If that command works it can be run as a script at startup.


I’ll definitely try this out and let you know how it works. Thanks.


That script worked perfectly. Thank you!


That is not a permanent solution.

To make it permanent you need to create a script.

sleep 5
nmcli networking off
sleep 3
nmcli networking on

Make the script executable, then add it as a start up script.