[SOLVED] cursor, drag selection does not work as it should.

hello how about, today I decided to move to Manjaro Kde Plasma, after almost a year with Cinnamon, it is not the first time I have this desktop environment in front of me, I had already tried it before, but I did not stay with him, in Part of the small problem I noticed a year ago and I thought it would be solved today.

I do not know if it is a new function and it is likely that only I will be the one affected, because I do not see an open topic.

I cannot make a selection by dragging the cursor over the entire left margin of the screen either on a clean desktop or with some program in the foreground.

I tried several times to fix it only with the screen settings, screen scaling and unchanged, I think this little problem or new function surpasses me and that's why I come to you.

an example of what happens, the area marked in red is from which you cannot make the drag selection, what I have to do to make it work is to move the mouse / cursor one pixel to the right.

The hardware data of my computer is in the details of my profile, except the desktop environment since as I said I am migrating from cinnamon.

This is because you have a trigger set up on the left edge of the screen (probably the top left corner is set to show all applications, as this is the default).

To change that, go to System Settings -> Workspace Behaviour -> Screen Edges and make sure that none of the left edge triggers are active (click on the glowing box and select No action).

Then, you will be able to drag select from the very edge of the screen. Let me know if this fixed your problem.

What's up, thanks for your prompt response, I just did what you mentioned, also restart the computer just in case and the problem remains the same.

I don't think it has a relation with Screen Edges aka Bordes de Pantalla. You can use the Screen Edges and the Desktop as Folder View and still be able to mark a selection from one corner to the other of the screen.

Did you installed KDE Plasma over Cinnamon?

I do not know exactly what you mean by over cinnamon, but I will answer by saying that I did a clean installation, that is to say completely formatted the partition where I had cinnamon and I now have plasma kde.

In case there are still doubts, do not change the desktop only, I mean remove the cinnamon environment and install the plasma kde, I made a complete installation by downloading the corresponding installer from the official website.

If you used a common home folder for your user for both DEs ...

pfff ... I want to emphasize that I am a common user, I have no programming knowledge, but I am quite curious and I have no knowledge about the DES folder you mention.

Anyway, I hope I have answered the previous question in some way.

If you have any other questions to help me solve this, please ask.

A few minutes ago I check again if this works and to my surprise it works correctly now.
Restart the computer to see if it was not a temporary solution and still works normally.

why it didn't work before and now it did? I do not know.
Is this due to an update? no, I updated the system with internet connection just after finishing installing in operating system and the problem was the same.
Was it fixed why restart? no, he had already restarted it a lot of times and it was still the same.
Should I close this topic? maybe if, although I find it very strange that without explanation, it works correctly, which makes me think that in the same way without explanation, in the future will stop working.
disable functions or shortcuts on screen edges help to solve the problem? It is open to discussion, because as soon as I realized that this was working normally, I reactivated the shortcut that I deactivated at the request of @kresimir, restarted the equipment, and continued to work even with the default shortcut activated, so that It may be that the deactivate will wait and once again I activate it again, it has been the solution.

in the name of technology and science. I am going to re-install Manjaro Plasma KDE in a clean way, that is, formatting the corresponding partition and see if the small bug is effectively solved by modifying the screen edge shortcuts.

very well, new mind installed and updated, the problem is the same, I am thinking of doing nothing in 24 hours regarding the problem, and see if it solves itself, it is the time it takes to solve.

If it continues, I will deactivate the screen edge function and be very attentive to what is happening at all times and thus confirm if that was the solution.

If anyone has a better idea let me know.

Well, officially just spent 24 hours, and without changes to the problem, this is a screenshot of when the problem was already solved.

Now I will recreate the steps I did before to identify that exactly I solved the problem.

Very well, I paid close attention, and what happened is this.
Wait 24 hours to see if it was solved only by not knowing the exact cause of the solution without positive results.

Disable screen borders without positive results and also wait 24 hours.

deactivate touch screen and this if I solve the problem, it is not necessary to restart the computer, just log out and start again, the problem should already be solved.

If you reactivate the touch screen, the problem will reappear.

Now I am not sure to @kresimir mark the one that came up with the solution because it came close enough.

incredible that that is the solution I do not know if a year ago that option existed or I did not realize that it was there.

anyway, thank you very much to @kresimir and @bogdancovaciu for coming as soon as possible to my request for help.

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