[SOLVED] Couldn't start after update (UUID error)


Hi. Try to update my manjaro, but notebook reboot suddenly. After this I have error after boot in grub.
Here is a problem : I can’t upload image from phone.
Error like : modules.devname not found - ignoring.
Device UUID=‘MY UUID’ not found.
Mount /new_root can’t find UUID.
And opening rootfs, where I can’t type anything.
Help please :see_no_evil:
upd: I found this topic https://goo.gl/N9WqgW, but still no answers. It’s too easy to reinstall system. I want to find another way :sunglasses:


You should complete the update, that should solve your issue. There are 2 ways: If you can switch to tty2 with Ctr + Alt + F2, they you can complete your update from there. Otherwise you have to use a live USB to boot, chroot into your system and perform the update. Here is a link on how you can do that: How to save your Manjaro installation when it breaks