[Solved] Baloo vs find. Is baloo madatory or can I delete it?

I have never used baloo before and just relied on find which I found was always fast and gave me what I wanted.
The reason I posting is that I have been finding that baloo is hogging a lot of cpu and memory, which as a search engine in linux I find very wasteful.. When I did research on it just now one piece of advice was to disable then enable in case there was corruption issues. When I enable baloo all ballo waas doing was creating errors looking at my browser cache. Why is baloo spending all that time in a folder that is constantly changing?
To get to my real point. Is baloo actually indispensable for the desktop, or can I just stick with find and get rid of baloo?

Baloo is required by gwenview and plasma-desktop

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But you can turn it off in settings. It is the boil on the bottom of software :smiley:

Find and the mLocate package are my preference.


Ouch, but when it does not work well it is a major pain.
Did stumble on this one: [solved] Please help me kill baloo forever and so I went into the 2 files mentioned and turned potential autostarts and searches to false. Hopefully it breaks nothing on startup.
Why KDE needs its own search engine when basic linux has very go ones of their own is beyond me.

I do know from find out that this is a repeat, but as they other one is several years old, many things can change and the old answers no longer necessarily still apply.
Well I have rebooted and baloo is not around, just need to wait for an update to see if it holds true. Then of course there is also the possibility that something in KDE will decide to have a fit over what I just did.
I will stick with find and mlocate as I know them and they don't use resources to other then when I need them.
Thanks for your help.

Baloo is part of the semantic desktop specification ─ it replaces Nepomuk, which served a similar function in KDE Plasma 4 ─ and it does more than just index files. It also indexes file content.

I have Baloo running here on my system, but I've kept it at only indexing the files, not the file content. :wink:


Generally after the first indexing (that should not use so much time if you are on a new installation because there is not much to indexing) Baloo behave pretty well. If you are installing KDE on a not new installation it will take more time to settle but when it's done you shouldn't notice anything while it works. And sincerely (obviously this is just a personal preference) I like it more then find even if my choice will always be towards mlocate.

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