[SOLVED] Again Budgie Desktop Icons

I installed nautilus legacy from repo and configured dconf. Now I see the desktop 2 icons: "Trash" and "Personal folder" on my Budgie desktop. You cannot delete them from te desktop.

How can I remove these folders but still be able to create files and folders on the desktop? But it would be nice to activate the option to show mounted drives on the desktop. Is it possible to this fine-tuning? Or is it take it all or nothing?

Do you have Budgie Desktop Settings on your system? If so, this tool allows you to add or remove those special icons on desktop such as the home directory and the trash.

I have standard Budgie desktop. This settings are not there. Is there a special packgae for it? Which one?

Did those options survive after the removal of desktop icons from mutter? I don't think I have seen them recently.

As far as I know, desktop icons is a feature that was on Nautilus; that's why nautilus-legacy exists in repos: it ships the last version that had desktop icons included in it.

The thing is that I do not have much knowledge about Manjaro Budgie, I have never used that edition. I had a ISO of Solus Budgie, that's how I got that hint. I need to download the ISO, so it might take some time before I can give an answer (if I can find anything relevant).

If someone actually use Manjaro Budgie, feel free to answer.

I keep VMs of all the Manjaro editions based on stacking WMs/DEs and I don't see them in my version.

There may be something tucked away in dconf though.

I also keep a VM for Solus.


Manjaro Budgie

Oh, no wonder he couldn't find settings for desktop icons. lol

Sorry for my first answer. Once I will be able to, I'll check if there is an alternative solution then.

Ok, so I might have found a solution that is appropriate for Manjaro Budgie.

So you have already replaced the regular nautilus package by nautilus-legacy and enabled desktop icons by editing the appropriate dconf key (set show-desktop-icons at TRUE in org.gnome.desktop.background).

To edit which special icon to show on your desktop:

  • Launch dconf Editor;
  • Go in the following schema: org.gnome.nautilus.desktop;
  • For each icon you want to remove from your desktop, select the <NAME>-icon-visible key, where NAME can be home, network, trash or volume, and change its value from TRUE to FALSE. Once it will be on FALSE, the icon will disappear from the desktop. Repeat for each one you want to remove.

Here's a screenshot as an example.

Hope it does the job.


@Frog: it works. You are great! :+1:

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