Solution for hybrid graphics on default installations

Having a unique setup of manjaro (with a mobile hybrid gpu with nvidia on a laptop). I have come here to post somewhat of a guide and also somewhat of a development suggestion.

What I encountered as well as many newbies to linux are probably dealing with is as of 12/13/21 default Manjaro installs come with the 513 linux kernal and hybrid graphics installed via default (if you selected install proprietary like everyone on desktop linux probably should). What happens is when you attempt to update the linux kernal, or do a “pacman -Syu” or install any driver depended on updated nvidia graphics. The system will simply exit (without making it super clear what the error is). “error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies)
:: installing nvidia-utils (495.44-6) breaks dependency ‘nvidia-utils=470.63.01’ required by linux513-nvidia” or something like that. What you have to do is to a " sudo pacman -R (linuxkernalversion)linux-nvida" and then go and install another kernal via command line or gui. Until then you cannot install updated or legacy kernals. (For the newbies including me I highly recommend setting up optimus manager to switch between hybrid and nvidia proprietary graphics on the fly.

As for a fix from this I don’t know if this is specifically a nvidia neglecting linux thing or something like manjaro’s kernal tools asking if you want to uninstall the current nvidia drivers to install the new ones, but as of now at least with the hybrid intel/nvidia setup, you cannot install or change kernals out of the box KDE manjaro.