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I don’t even want to imagine becoming a parent just yet. Best wishes for him and his family!


However, it’s unlikely I’ll be seeking personal project involvement of any description - as a new parent I must plan to father my child and support my family through work, instead of fathering my work and rely on my family supporting me.

There is no faulting that logic. Sounds as if his spouse and he had a, um, chat. :smiley:


So now its not about if Philm gets hit by a bus but also, what if Philm impregnates a bus?


Worse yet, what if a bus impregnates Philm? :wink:


Oh this is just great! Now we have transportation problems. :frowning:


I travel either by train, car or airplane. Never was near a bus in ages …


I don’t blame you on that one.


Lets hope its not gonna be the dbus. :rotating_light:


Now you are disrespecting my old employer! :smiley:

I was Maintenance Superintendent at their NeoPlan USA plant in Lamar, Colorado. A really great employer. :smiley:


I also worked for a large German motor company, no name as users complain when i name but LH drives for them, The best company I ever worked for and a good pension at the end.

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