Solus KDE


Responsive to who?

They are working furiously maintaining the distro, developing the distro specific platform and toolset, and fixing the mess that Ikey left behind and you complain about being unresponsive?


Too much work, too few people, too much stress and too little time … something has to give, try cutting them some slack.

Your expectations don’t really marry with the realities of a foundation distro still wearing floaties. If you genuinely like it stay and help, don’t cut and run.


More like Arch… What are you even talking about?

They don’t share the same goals and idea.
Arch don’t like holding people hands. (Arch) They troll really hard on there own forum to new user or not. And there not going go as far to change some part of the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard like Solus have been doing. That break there KISS standards. There package manager are so very different. Beside it being rolling, core package, and have systemd. There nothing alike at all!

Not going to happen. Solus aim to be User friendly Desktop only with x86_64 bit support only. As will being stable as it can be. That mean. It not going support every app out there like Debain and Arch linux. Only those that fits with it tools for there own needs. Why it not going have a lot of the same thing. They keep it very simple and make debugging less of a pain in the butt to deal with. ex: i3 and i3-gaps. Solus is only going pick one. Not both. Last time I heard. It i3 with all of i3-gaps patch in one package.


Yes, the aim of Solus is to be a rolling distro which can be updated “brainlessly” with a single click and which need not be be maintained manually by the user.

It’s meant to appeal to people who just want to use their OS and have absolutely no interest in the backend stuff nor learning more about linux or their system. I mean, you could still tinker with it, but the appeal is that it’s supposed to be a rolling distro that doesn’t need extra work for the user.

However, in order to achieve that, the packages in their repos are curated and limited. Since I’m sure it does mean extra work for the Devs.


Both Arch and Solus build and develop all their packages, that was the point, nothing to do with the distro philosophy of either.

Manjaro builds barely any of its packages, inherits nearly all from Arch, that was the difference I was attempting to point out.

Not now, and not for some time to come either.

I was expressing my hope it will become a foundational distro eventually, but for that to happen a Solus needs a large and technical user base to do much of the heavy lifting … like Debian and Arch.

This will take years to happen, if it happens at all.

A noble amibition, but given it is a rolling distro I don’t think it will ever be a set and forget OS for luddites. Wishful thinking.


TBH, you should just said. “Solus is the same as any other Independent distro that builds, develop their own packages.” Make thing less confusing. Saying it the same as this or that distro. When it very clearly not. Bring up to much confusion.


You are using the political correctness card why? Everybody else understood but you come on brighten up. I think it would also be nice to have another foundation distribution instead of the usual spins of Debian and now Arch,


Read what I wrote, I simply said Solus is more like Arch than Manjaro.

Nobody said anything about them being the same, you inferred that all on your own.

Anyhow … all good.


So who going to one up Solus that not debian/ubuntu and arch base? They do a amazing job of making look simple, clean, and beautiful!


I simple terms to have a foundation Distribution you need more than just a good idea Solus had the idea had the vision, what it lacks is everything else that goes with it. Void is another example founded about 2008 has the foundations, then stopped building, still just plodding along.
Arch on the other hand started 2002 did something unheard off rolling release, rock solid base, excellent help, and wiki. and a dedicated team of devs with the same vision.
Arch grew from a few friends hobby into a major force, but to achieve that is very hard takes time and dedication, also means the team leader has to lead going awol kills any project dead.


Actually, I think it was possible for Solus when it was just Budgie as their DE, and they kept strictly to their curated packages.

Like Days said, they do generally limit their packaging to just one or two applications that do the same/similar jobs. For instance, originally the only file manager in their entire repo was Nautilus. No pcmanfm, Nemo, Caja, etc. I seem to recall reading a forum request for Nemo to be packaged - I think it was refused.

But now they have added other DEs like MATE, Gnome and possibly Plasma in the future, so the repo also has Caja and Dolphin file managers as well. And by opening the doors to more DEs and of course as they generally add more applications to their repos, there will be more packages to maintain and the potential for problems increases. Esp with Plasma being actively developed and different from the other 3 gtk3-based DE, updates could be more tumultuous.

We’ll see how successful they continue to be in having a maintenance-free rolling distro. I hope they can do it but I think they need to keep tight control over what gets into their repos, which means lots of work for the dev team.


When Budgie dev started i was really looking forward to a great future for the project, but then goals were changed budgie development was totally neglected in fact shelved all it is now is like LXDE with raven if it changed to QT it would be a LXQT clone with raven. The budgie project like so many has just stagnated I hope it can be resurrected. to be successfully it take time, the focus must never sway from one idea to another,
And yes adding other DEs was a bad move. Concentrate on one thing hopefully do it right.


I don’t think it’s as bad as that. They have added a few new(ish) panel applets, like the hot corner one (finally). And Budgie is pretty usable as it is right now.


Not bad. Pretty usable. Those aren’t terms I would look for in any stable distribution. Budgie could o’ been a contender if Ikey & Co. had stuck with it and not developed Multiple Personality Disorder.



Those applets are great, and actually the Solus team didn’t add them, the Ubuntu Budgie team developed those (in fact, Ikey seemed quite irked by them). Many of you are making the point I did originally - I was so excited by the co-development of Budgie and Solus together, a new DE and distro hand in hand, and it seemed rather than double down and focus on that, they really went all over the map (trying to “fix” Steam, “fix” Linux drivers, adding 3 DE’s, etc). If they’re swamped by work, it’s partially their own fault…

So, to the points/questions above:

  • Responsiveness: There were Budgie usability bugs going back to '16 that were unaddressed, and people saying certain software didn’t work, which was of seemingly minimal interest or response.
  • Why Solus? To the end user, how will a Solus experience be different? Every DE and distro at this point is visually pretty and one click updating.
  • Who is it for? It’s not for noobies if it’s rolling, with kernel and driver updates having the potential to break systems requiring chrooting or going into terminal to fix (as happened for me 3 times with Solus). It’s not for the experts, though, with fewer software choices and the limited configuration of Budgie.

I guess I always hoped that Solus would become a high performance version of something like Elementary, but technically better and based on its own distro. The DE’ing of Solus has disappointed me somewhat…


i actually dont like the fact budgie is based on gnome its nothing more than extra raven, all other is same.youcan make gnome look same as budgie with gnome tweaks just you wont get raven
so its basically gnome nothing calling it different de is not good. its just gnome with raven.


Deepin is just GNOME w/Deepin

LxQT is a redheaded ■■■■■■■ stepchild of I dunno what. But so what?


So many child’s of gnome it sure is a freak.
Mate deepin pantheon budgie Cinnamon enlightenment .
Lxqt is lovechild of lxde and razorqt .
KDE and trinity
Xfce is pieces brought together.
Those wm are lost souls without body.
Don’t know much about lumina,jade,monokawari


My understanding is that it’s more significant than that, but having used Gnome and Budgie extensively, Budgie’s performance is far better…

Addendum: BTW: Why rag on forking or basing one thing off another? Isn’t that one of open software’s strengths?


Lets agree to disagree on that Budgie just like cinnamon are using outdated gnome stack and the performance suffers drastically, as does stability.


Ikeys open letter explaining his departure from Solus …