Solus KDE


Solus just released a testing .iso for KDE a coupla days ago on the 24th. I’ve been meaning to give Solus a test drive but Budgie and Mate are not of the slightest interest to me . Now that they’ve come to their senses , I’l give it a go . :grinning:


Always worth trying something else, but just curious what you think Solus would give you over Manjaro?


Nothing other than another learning opportunity and my curiousity being satisfied .


Please do and let us know you thoughts. I find that interesting, since Solus seemed to be created around the Budgie DE and has adopted more DE’s one by one over time. I always backed up from trying it due to the rather small selection of software in their repository, but it seems that this selection might have become satisfactory.


Would be nice a more meaningful post instead of just will give it a try


It’s meant to be an announcement of sorts , it’s too soon for an opinion on a beta release . It’s a minimal installation right now and some things simply aren’t working yet , some of the packages in the repos won’t install through the software manager and some things have to be done manually . It’s very raw yet but it’s a testing iso and issues are to be expected and reported . I can’t make a more meaningful post because it 's too soon to judge .


I did try out the Solus KDE version…It provides a very fine and minimal KDE environment, with almost no extras other than the Software Center…The experience has been smooth and fluid…

But we get the same while installing KDE using MA…and even faster updates…

Hence differences has more to do with the approach both the OS take towards a rolling release Linux distribution…


I tend to boot ISOs of all the major and some minor, but innovative distributions, but in my final analysis, I just can’t seem to divorce from Pacman as easily as I did Apt & dpkg, hence I’m kind of stuck with Arch & Arch-based distributions.

Not to say there’s anything wrong with the others (lookin’ at you, Fedora)–they’ve mostly got a reason for being and I’d be nothing if I didn’t “borrow” some of their better ideas–but it’s just too darn hard to change over to most of them for very long, it seems. It’s easier for me to incorporate their ideas into what I’m running, than to change over to running theirs, I guess. :wink:

I’m an old dog. The tricks gotta be good before I fall for them.

Oh! And you know, sometimes @philm or the Community will spin out a more minimal Manjaro KDE Plasma version, although the 18.x Betas have been nicely stocked (I thought). But, also as you say, the M-A IS partially relieves that situation.



i tried out solus budgie and it worked nice and smooth, like c00ter said, i try new distro’s that seem interesting. but after a few days they dont seem to fill the void the way manjaro does but solus was definitely interesting and well put together and one of the very few distros that actually installed on my posessed optimus laptop without issues which i found impressive


I was also curious and gave it a go in Virtualbox as well. Kudos to the team, they already offer a pretty slick Plasma experience, but based on the most recent blog entry, the rebuild of their software center isn’t coming any time soon–which was the feature I was most looking forward to. It’s an interesting read, and reflects on some of the issues/transitions with Ikey’s absence from the project.

For those interested:


Wow, Ikey just dropped off the radar like MH17, with barely a word of communication to anyone at Solus.

I can understand burning out and take a different direction in life, but what I don’t understand in similar circumstances as this is project founders disappearing and leaving their project in the lurch. Do they want the project to end because their involvement ends? Is it about money and personally keeping donations? Serious stress related mental health / physical health issues?

IDK … :confused: … it has happened before and will undoubtedly happend again … just not with Solus due to the new setup.

Firstly, I genuinely hope Ikey is alright, both physically and mentally.

Secondly, kudos to Joshua and Bryan for the mountain of work they have done keeping Solus “afloat”, including all the fantastic infrastructure improvements they have implemented as a result, and for their continual evolution of Solus is a what must have been a very stressful time.

When their financial setup is up and running properly again I’ll be making a donation, they deserve it, just not into Ikey’s personal Patreon account.


My mind usually jumps to the worst conclusions, but I hope so as well.

I’m really impressed by their efforts with the monumental tasks they had to accomplish in the short time.


Never a truer word spoken…
I have tried using Linux for several years, but have always given up in the past because of the way things work out, but manjaro and arch somehow made/make me comfortable…Truth be told I am so comfortable that I do not even think about using pamac from the CLI, my hand automatically seems to be typing pacman…

And for some reason I am somehow unable to use dnf and zypper, Trust me, I have tried using dnf GUI always breaks on me and the repository stuff in OpenSUSE drives me mad. Debian is good that way, I like apt but I always feel it to be toooooo sloooow… Especially when it tries to unpack stuff…It is frustratingly slow…But as they say, the best of the rest…eopkg in Solus is also good enough, and very well formatted aesthetically and just works…


You are right, I do follow on their development as well…and they are doing a great job, not just Josh or Bryan, Peter, Drake, Kyrios all do a great job, it is kinda fun seeing them work at their IRC channel…Does Manjaro have such a channel for Devs ? well I am not a developer, but it is really good to see and understand the way things reach you…


I can understand why zypper can be hard. but with fedora dnf. since they have bash completion for all it action. I don’t see why it that hard to used.

@c00ter I can see why pacman have baby you. Very straightforward to used. Not having to used thing like “file manager” to search for package.


I agree, although I had some issues as a Patreon backer, and posted on their subreddit regarding this. I always was excited by the promise of a DE (Budgie) being so closely developed with its distro simultaneously, but as they’ve added KDE and Gnome and MATE and Budgie has languished, I have to say I increasingly don’t get the point of Solus existing. In a world where you can get those same DE’s on other rolling and even rolling/tested distros like Manjaro, what’s the point of Solus? I’m not sure that their team has made that argument very convincingly…


Solus is a stand alone rolling distro, built from scratch, so the comparison to Manjaro is false, Solus is more like Arch.

As well as being a rock solid rolling distro in its own right I’m hopeful it will provide a foundation for a family of downstream distros, like Debian and Arch do.

Solus has some great infrastructure tech and ideas, what they currently lack is a technical community like Debian and Arch to spread the workload.


I hope so. As I’ve posted elsewhere, I had compatibility problems with Solus with some software and its updates broke my install 3 times in almost as many months, which is one of the reasons I’m here. I do like a lot of their ideas but I hope they build something unique for the end-user and not just be innovative in a technical sense…


Solus is a very young foundation distro under very heavy development.

What do you expect?

Manjaro is stable predominantly because of its Arch base, Solus has no base, they build and develop everything themselves … on a shoe string.


Not much yet. Remember, I’m a fan, and was bummed it didn’t work for me, and I was until last week backing it on Patreon. I don’t think it’s quite there yet, though, as you point out. I’d perhaps like to see a bit more humility and responsiveness from that team, and perhaps with Ikey not there now, that’ll improve…