Sogoupinyin Input Method Install Problem

Sogoupinyin is the most popular chinese input method in the China Mainland! It has .deb pakage for Ubuntu,also linux version in AUR and archlinuxcn repos
I have tried two ways on the web to install it:
Method One:yay -S fcitx-sogoupinyin
Method Two:
1、add foliowing code in /etc/pacman.conf
SigLevel = Optional TrustedOnly
Server =$arch
2、sudo pacman -Syy
3、sudo pacman -S archlinuxcn-keyring
4、sudo pacman -S fcitx-sogoupinyin
No matter which method I use,the terminal always finally prompt following info:
Couldn't determine full name for SGPYEUDC_1.TTE
Couldn't get family name for SGPYEUDC_1.TTE

So How to sovle the problem to make it available on Manjaro.

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There is a pre-compiled version in the ArchLinuxCn repo.

Yes,I did.But it doesn't work.

What doesn't work? Sorry I missed you edited your post.

Indeed,sogoupinyin appear in the fcitx input method,can also switch to the input method。
However ,when i input chinese pinyin,it cann't promp the corresponding chinese characters. Googlepinyin can do.

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I am struggling to find anything on the internet (I am British, I use the archCN repo for emacs-git). There are a few Chinese speakers on here, @gohlip any ideas?

I guess it should be caused by the font,but i don't know how to fix it.

There are quite a few topics on it. A search on 'fcitx' on the forum will show many.

This is one of the latest.

ps: Being Chinese doesn't mean I can answer every topic in Chinese. :rofl:
And... my Chinese distro is not Manjaro. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have wqy fonts (search for it)
I also have noto-fonts -cjk
Any will work. In manjaro, I mainly read, not to input.

sudo pacman -Qs wqy
local/wqy-bitmapfont 1.0.0RC1-3
A bitmapped Song Ti (serif) Chinese font
local/wqy-microhei 0.2.0_beta-9
A Sans-Serif style high quality CJK outline font
local/wqy-microhei-lite 0.2.0_beta-9
The "Light" face of WenQuanYi Micro Hei font family
local/wqy-zenhei 0.9.45-7
A Hei Ti Style (sans-serif) Chinese Outline Font.

sudo pacman -Qs noto-fonts-cjk
local/noto-fonts-cjk 20190409-1
Google Noto CJK fonts


@gohlip what I meant was somebody who speaks Chinese would have a better chance in searching the internet for the error :smiley:


SGPYEUDC.TTE is a font that used by sogoupinyin.


You can try AUR (en) - fcitx-sogouimebs.

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