Software update stalled, blank screen, had to reboot, now Network Manager fails, hangs on boot


Woke up this morning and thought I’d update my Manjaro running on MacBook Pro (~2012). I thought it would be painless as my last update was recent. I should have just left well enough alone. I pressed Commit, watched the update proceed, looked away for a second, and when I looked back I just had a blank screen with an underscore cursor. It didn’t respond to keystrokes so I rebooted. Now I’m stuck at this screen:

What do I do next? I have to go to work soon so I won’t be able to use this computer today (Friday). Sounds like another Saturday dealing with software update problems.


For future references, reading the announcements is always a good thing prior to making the “update click”

A few relevant posts for your actual issue:


Thanks. How do I get to a command line so I can type that?


To go to TTY2 press CTRL+ALT+F2
TTY3 press CTRL+ALT+F3
And so on, but if that fails for some reason on a MacBook Pro, simply try to boot in runlevel 3 by hitting e at grub selection and then adding a 3 to boot options near ‘quiet’.


Thanks again for your extremely quick reply. I’ll try that. Have a great day!


Current status: no real change, unsure of next step.


I’m up and running again. The solution was what @bogdancovaciu suggested, plus this:

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