Software Token (Utilities)

What is the purpose of this app that comes by default in the minimal installation?
Is it safe to remove it?

What is it actually?
(thats not a package name)
And what did you install? Minimal xfce through architect? Or another DE or another method ?

In any case …
I think you mean stoken
Which [on my system] is required by openconnect, in turn required by networkmanager-openconnect, which is of course used for openconnect VPN capability and compatability with networkmanager.
So for me, it is not removable.
For you, if you dont use openconnect, you could remove all 3.

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The software actually is called stoken-gui.
I installed Manjaro KDE Minimal.

Eh, well, I dont have stoken-gui … but see above.

Thanks you!
Openconnect is only needed if i use VPNs?

Thats the only thing I can really think of for it.
See more here:

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