Software Tabs on AwesomeWM without icons

... hi, i'm new to AwesomeWM, use a few days now, configured some things by reading manuals (Wallpaper, Theme ...), but now i have a problem, that i could solve by myself:

... in the original theme (cesious), i see above in the panel all open apps with app-icons:

... but in my new theme (vertex) these icons are not showing:

... what can i configure to reshow these icons in my new theme ???

In the theme file of vertex this is in line 85 (source)

theme.tasklist_disable_icon = true

You can either:

  • copy the theme to your .config folder refer to it in your rc.lua delete that line/change it to false
  • add beautiful.tasklist_disable_icon = false to your rc.lua after you loaded the theme

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