Software: search and find

Usually when I need somethning done, someone already made software that can do it. The problem is actually finding it, using pamac (most often) or some other software package manager.

For example, I looked into borg for doing backups, but found the cli too complicated, so I want to look for a gui. Just typing “borg” in the search field in pamac also brings hits for “borg-backup-gui-git” (which failed to install, but that’s for another post…)

More searching on the web led me to a post at Backup And Restore Files Using Borg In Linux - OSTechNix which pointed to vorta as a gui for borg.

Now returning to pamac, searching for vorta brings it up and the description says “a GUI for BorgBackup”. But why doesn’t it show up as an alternative when searching for “borg”? Are there other ways to search (pamac? yay?) to search for software that would include this hit?

giving keywords to yay such as “borg” and “gui” does return vorta as a result.

yay -Ss borg gui
aur/borg-backup-gui-git 336.1bbdb50-1 (+0 0.00) (Orphaned) 
    Borg BackUP GUI can be used by new Borg users to get to their destination very quickly.
aur/vorta-git r582.17eb71a-1 (+1 0.00) 
    A GUI for BorgBackup (git)
aur/vorta 0.8.9-1 (+54 2.40) 
    A GUI for BorgBackup

Thanks! Seems I’d better start using yay for searching instead of pamac.

Is that word “Orphaned” maybe the explanation why installation failed?

man pamac

pamac search borg gui                                                    
borg-backup-gui-git                                          336.1bbdb50-1  AUR 
    Borg BackUP GUI can be used by new Borg users to get to
    their destination very quickly.

Searching can be tricky - so phrasing your search is paramount to the results you get - think like a computer and you are to get more relevant results.

borg gui returns only one result but if you used borgbackup gui you would have got the other results

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