So what's the best way to make fonts pretty now?

After the infinality/harfbuzz thing, I’ve been kind of nervous to touch font rendering again. Has infinality been fixed, or is there a new method to get good font rendering on Arch/Manjaro?

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look here:

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For me font issues are a thing of the past with the more recent Manjaro releases. Only think I do is make sure sub-pixel rendering is RGB

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Times New Roman has always been annoying for me and never renders properly unless its huge. I would use the Liberation font but college professors are picky.

Are you sure you not using that old ttf package for Microsoft fonts which is only 32bit. Just checking :slight_smile:

I believe I have ttf-ms-fonts installed. I won’t be at my Linux PC for another two hours or so, but if memory serves me, that’s the package I have.

Yes I have ttf-ms-fonts. Is that 32-bit only? It’s required by steam-manjaro

Yeah. AFAIK they 32bit which would explain the rendering. Can you remove the package and install onlyoffice as a trial as I think it comes with their own Ms fonts. Just a test to see if there’s a difference

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