so what is this?


was looking trough my preferences interface and... hmm :thinking:
im sure it was not there last week

is it some sorts of new integrated chat feature?? we did not supposed to know about, or is it a glitch in the matrix, am i seeing things that are not there, again ?

It is a discourse plugin for user interaction which should not go into a thread - off topic messages - like IRC.

But I don't know if it is enabled - we have had some tests on it.

I my opinion it is quite distracting.


I think I recall that trial and found it a bit pointless too. People started asking for help in there instead of opening threads not just using it for general off-topic chat/banter


It might only make some sense if used from TL3, to replace those infamous garbage topics, IMHO of course.

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Another vote for totally pointless.

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