So about PUBG on the PinePhone

This has been posted on Twitter almost 12 hours ago:

Just wanted to ask if you did find out yet? Still stuck at updates? Already collecting Chicken Dinners? Or was this just a joke? My guess is that it was a joke (I’m not around here long enough to know about the teams kind of humor) 'cause even if the game would run without Google services I just can’t imagine you can get playable framerates with the PinePhones hardware.

Why don’t you ask that on Twitter itself instead of here?


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Does it really matter where I ask? Is this not an official account? But if you really wanna know I asked here because I never use twitter actively, just passively as a sort of news aggregator.

We tested a lot of things via Waydroid on the Pinephone. Some might work, some not. We managed to get thru updates with the lite edition from uptodown store. However could never login to the servers. We might see if it works or not. Everything is in early stages as of now.

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Thx for answering!

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