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Are snaps handicapping anybody elses machine ability to update of install software from pacman ? I just start implementing snaps like 6 months ago and I've been a Manjaro user for about 3 or 4 years now. It could be a coincidences and it could be something. So I decided to ask here.

I've reinstalled like 3 time in the last 6 months because of updating/installing software issues after installing snaps. Should snaps be installed before your pacman software? Is updating different after installing snaps? I've been reluctant to install snaps on this install since.

I do not know if it helps I use snaps only for programs what are not in repo.

same here but one of the snap programs share a dependency with a repo program and thus my issue eventually comes to a head with a conflict.. it's been frustrating and even caused to me to look around at other distros for a minute.

Snaps do not interfere with distro packages at all, they are self contained packages.

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One never knows with this pseudo open-source Canonical trojan.
Don't forget that Canonical is in close relationship with M$ :wink:


I migrated from Ubuntu to Manjaro last year because of rolling releases, KDE and the AUR as I try to stay away from snaps as far as possible and will not install any if I can help it, but that's because every single snap installs its own virtual file system which slows down boot.

and snap applications are limited to within their snap, so some stuff just doesn't work.

while i only have somewhere between 4 to 6 snaps installed i'd seen no performance decrease or extended boot times. in fact only the snap service starts with boot, not the individual snaps themselves.

That would be because Snaps don't cause any dramatic increase in startuptime,
if used conservatively. Still each Snap can add up to 1sec to the time required for boot,
atleast according to what systemd-analyze blame is telling me.
As such i will only use them sparingly.


Thank you!
I fled to Manjaro from Ubuntu 3 months ago when everything was becoming a snap: Even VLC was a snap! (and couldn't turn off the screen saver any more...) It increased my boot time to twice what it now is under Manjaro on the exact same hardware...

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