Snapd installed when snap is not enabled

I’m not sure if this is by design, but I noticed pamac shows snapd has an update on my machine, but I have never enabled Snap support:

[rtr@onyx ~]$ grep -i snap /etc/pamac.conf 
[rtr@onyx ~]$ pamac info snapd | grep Req
Required By           : libpamac-snap-plugin
[rtr@onyx ~]$ pamac info libpamac-snap-plugin | grep -E '(Req|Opt)'
Optional Dependencies : --
Required By           : --
Optional For          : libpamac pamac-gtk

Can I safely remove it?

If you don’t want Snap support in Add/Remove Software (Pamac), you can indeed safely remove libpamac-snap-plugin:

sudo pacman -Rsu libpamac-snap-plugin


sudo pacman --remove --recursive --unneeded libpamac-snap-plugin
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Ok, thank you!

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