Snap updates are not (again) showing with the rest (Flatpak updates are)

The Snap updates button is enabled in the settings. Why are the Snap updates once again not showing with the rest of the system updates and how to enable them to show then?

What does sudo pacman -Qii libpamac-snap-plugin return?

That it’s installed and replaces pamac-snap-plugin. I think i earlier had to install this plugin separately; why it is not installed by default since Manjaro supports snaps OOTB?

Please use the “preformated text button” (</>) and post the output here.

Not as far as I know. You have to add the plugin, but I could be wrong. Please post the output of the command.

Snap plugin for Pamac

No pamac-snap-plugin
snapd snapd-glib libpamac
61,88 KiB
Mark Wagie

Please edit you post and follow the tutorial above, there are things missing.

I do not use snaps, but looking up the package to me it says:
Optional For : pamac-gtk pamac-gtk3

I’m guessing (since there are text missing in your post) that you got the return without pamac-gtk3.

We also need what system you are using. Please provide output of inxi -Fazy (and paste using the method in the tutorial)

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Manjaro does not support snaps OOTB

Latest Manjaro Xfce full ISO 23.0.4 includes libpamac-snap-plugin
But Xfce minimal ISOs, and all other ISOs, do not include this plugin

libpamac-flatpak-plugin is included in full ISOs for Xfce, Gnome and KDE but not minimal ISOs

Most community editions do not have either plugin, but Sway includes flatpak plugin

Snaps, snapd, etc have been preinstalled and enabled on at least the ‘full’ versions of pretty much all the ISOs for a while …

I installed Xfce on test system last week to check out latest ISO version
Pamac GUI shows Third party options for AUR, Snaps and Flatpaks are not enabled by default

Package lists for ISOs show snapd is included on Manjaro Xfce full ISO (and Budgie, Cinnamon, i3 and Mate community editions) but not Gnome or KDE

Huh. I guess some have become commented out for a bit?

#>extra apparmor
#>extra snapd
#>extra snapd-glib
#>extra pamac-snap-plugin
>extra pamac-flatpak-plugin

Theres actually a bunch of lint in these profiles…

#>extra kdenlive
## Optional dependencies for kdenlive
#>extra cdrtools         # for creation of DVD ISO images
#>extra dvdauthor        # for creation of DVD
#>extra dvgrab           # for firewire capture
#>extra recordmydesktop  # for screen capture
#>extra vlc-nightly     # for DVD preview, needs xine-ui or vlc, vlc is in "Applications" section
#>extra movit            # for GPU video processing

This is just wrong:

#plasma-wayland-session # seems to need sddm-git

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