Smashed terminal

Hello Manjarolians.
Pls help me, something happens with my terminal:

The space between text and prompt are not spaces and it is growing when writing (more text in line = longer space between text and prompt).

And it doesn’t matter witch Konsole I’m using (Yakuake or standard KDE Konsole)

Htop view is broken too:
there are some spaces where they shouldn’t be.

By itself? Or did you change font?

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Classic symptom of a non-Monospace font being used in the terminal.

Change the font used to be a Monospace variant and it should look fine again.

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But for zsh icons (ones missing in the first screenshot), you have to make sure that it’s a monospace and a Nerd font.

That’s right, I was installing new fonts and somehow I changed all fonts to them :scream:

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