Small problem with installation: grub disappeared

I removed the boot NVMe SSD to update the firmware of the second NVMe SSD.

After that, the boot entry of Manjaro disappeared in the UEFI Bios.

I had to reinstall Grub.

How to prevent this ?

grub did not disappear - the UEFI boot entry did.

Some (most?) UEFIs remove “invalid” boot entries - and yours became invalid (referencing a non existing drive) the moment the ssd was not seen on powerup.


But the boot entry of Windows 10 did not disappear.

When only the entry in UEFI disappears, it should suffice to recreate this line in the UEFI. (maybe have a look into ARCH-wiki)
You could have tested this by looking into the partitions of your system from within a live CD / USB.

  • There has to be a EFI-partition !
  • At this partition there are all the EFI-Bootloaders (*.efi)
  • There is one bootloader for windofs (don´t_know_the _exact_name.efi)
  • There is one bootloader for manjaro (grubx64.efi)
  • There may be others like refind_x64.efi (have a look at refind)

To prevent ? I don´t know. While you do not know exactly what happened, it would be sheer luck to prevent it from happening again. :slight_smile:

Maybe try refind

I have two efi partitions on the same drive (NVMe SSD).
One for Windows and one for Linux.

I removed this drive from the computer to update the firmware of the second NVMe SSD.

After reinstalling the boot drive, the EFI entry of Manjaro disappeared from boot list in the UEFI Bios.
Only the Win entry remained.

As a solution, I reinstalled grub.

This may be not a very good idea :wink: , and i think this may be the source of your problem.

In your EFI-Partition (and i do think your UEFI-bios will only use one of them and ignore the other) there is normally space for the different bootloaders. This way your UEFI can recognize them all.

Please have a look at the ARCH-Wiki. I do not think that anyone suggests to have 2 EFI-partitions. Even when dual booting with windofs.

I had only one EFI partition on the drive.
After starting Windows, the EFI entry for Manjaro was removed from the EFI partition.

So, I created two EFI partitons, one for Windows and one for Linux.

The file grubx64.efi is NOT the same as the entry in EFI-Variable in UEFI-Flash that is presented as selection to boot