Slow startup after user login


I have two users on my Manjaro/KDE installation. The OS itself boots fine. Logging in via the second user works fine. But when I login with the main user it takes more than 30 seconds to load (showing the splash screen) without any apparent reason. It started a while ago after some usual software/updates/script manipulations, which one hard to tell.

Where do I normally look to find what it might be? Is there any log which tells what happens specifically during user login/startup/splash screen? Because I keep getting search results about OS boot time, which is not the case for me…

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Just a guess, could it be Baloo indexing your files? If so, you can tell it to only index files by name and not index them by content, or you can turn it off altogether. :arrow_down:

Thanks for the answer! Just tried that and rebooted. No, it didn’t work.