Slow internet connection

Hey Guys!

I have a problem with internet, it’s too slow. I have so far not the best router, but sometimes I can’t even open a single page in browser.

I suspect 2 reasons:

  1. Yesterday I ran command
sudo pacman -Sy

and only later then I understood that it’s not a good idea to run this command without “u” at the end of it, because it leads to sticking in a partial mode in your system. I’ve already created a topic about it and people said that I just need to run

sudo pacman -Syu

and it will fix any problems created by the previous command by updating the system. But I have this feeling that maybe the command

sudo pacman -Sy

ran some updates and occured an error, so it still updates something on my computer and uses a lot of traffic, even after rebooting my computer.
I know, maybe it sounds like nonsense but I have this feeling and want to hear your thoughts on this situation.

  1. I have JACK audio server running in the background and it uses traffic.

Disable IPv6 and mac address randomization

To make sure the update is fine, you run:
sudo apcman-mirrors -f5 && sudo pacman -Syyu