Slow i/o with NTFS usb stick



I installed Manjaro about three months ago and did not have slow transfer speed from manjaro to USB stick formatted in NFS and other way around.
Now its getting painfully slow. As an example, I had to transfer 3G from usb stick (NTFS) and it did so at about 3 to 4 MB/s when it did not froze. On a windows platform, I would get speed up to 30 to 40 MB/s.
This performance issue when transferring is actually both ways. From and to Manjaro/NTFS usb stick with some random freezes.
I read a couple of articles saying to update /etc/fstab. I find it did not make any difference and also very cumbersome.
Any ideas ?


No, but what if you tried to format the stick with exFAT instead of NTFS? Not sure if it will make a difference, but exFAT can be used on Windows, MacOS and Linux alike.


I don’t recall ever having used NTFS on a USB stick. Wasn’t even sure it was possible (or wanted). ExFAT, FAT16 & FAT32, yes.


Maybe some NTFS mount parameter tweaking could help? See
man mount
man mount.ntfs