Slow decrypt GRUB manjaro xfce (fixed by moving to bootctl and removin the second luks key)

Hi everybody. I've installed a fresh manjaro xfce on my notebook (i7 4 core, 16gb ram, nvme ssd) with encryption. Default installation but without swap space.
At boot, after input the luks decrypt password, it tooks a while before start the second grub loader. Around 20-30 seconds. I've read about that in this topic, now closed:

I've a very high iterations on the two keys, over 1.000.000.... if i setup a new key with lower iterations, in slowt 3 for example and delete the twho default keys, i'll be able to boot the system or i'll stuck at grub with an unbootable system? Or if i cryptsetup-reencrypt --keep-key and a lower --iter-time? I need to rebuild the mkinitcpio or grub itself?
Thanks in advance to who can help!

Just for who need that i fixed switching from grub to systemd (bootctl) using EFI string directly.
After the migration (totally manually using Arch wiki), at boot, the requests for the luks password was missing and kernel boot without any input needed from the user. I fixed that by adding a safe key (ex. in slot 6), reboot for check that this last key is working and after delete the key in slot 1 (the second key added by manjaro on itself during installation which nobody know…). After another reboot for check i’ve also remove the backup key in slot 6.


Hi there,

Would it be possible to provide instructions on how to do this

Many thanks

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I am suffering with the same problem, if someone has an alternative solution than changing to systemd, I would be amazed.

Or is removing the 2nd key enough? Although I have a 2nd key on a older Manjaro device and no problems at all.

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