Slow connected speed for Wifi (Gnome, Intel AX200 chipset)

Hello. Just installed my card today. TP-Link Archer TX50E, which has an AX200 chipset according to my install. It says AX3000 on the box, but I reckon this doesn’t really matter. If it does, let me know!

The card installed fine, and I’m up and running since the kernel supports it. However, upon connection the connected speed maxes out at 250 Mbits, when my Windows laptop that’s literally right next to it gets 800 Mbits. It’s through a 5GHz AC connection. The signal strength is at max since the computer is literally 1 meter from the AP at the moment. The admin interface for AP is showing the same reported link speed.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to solve this? Currently running the 5.10 LTS kernel. Do I need to try a newer kernel maybe? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.