Slow boot times

How can i make my system take less time to boot? Here’s the analyze blame output:

21.426s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
19.961s lvm2-monitor.service
18.806s dev-sda2.device
16.589s systemd-journal-flush.service
10.766s snapd.service
10.023s systemd-sysusers.service
8.456s polkit.service
8.123s ldconfig.service
7.307s systemd-journal-catalog-update.service
6.231s apparmor.service
5.467s NetworkManager.service
5.104s rc-local.service
4.984s systemd-tmpfiles-clean.service
4.922s systemd-udevd.service
4.359s avahi-daemon.service
4.358s bluetooth.service
4.221s systemd-logind.service
4.218s systemd-machined.service

I would disable and mask NetworkManager-wait-online.service and lvm2-monitor.service

Assuming they arent using logical volume management … same also goes for snaps

I’ve just masked them are there any other suggestions? Is it possible to delay services to run only after login?

Could i mask that snapd service?

Also i have masked journal flush are there any drawbacks?

Yes if you dont use or intend to use snaps in the future.

I dont know why you think you need to mask all of these.
They can just be disabled … if they are starting while disabled then you probably want to disable whatever is starting them too (or you realize you actually dont want to disable them at all)

As to snapd … thats up to you … if you use snaps you probably want to keep it.
If not … you should probably remove all snap related packages … at which point the service should not still exist. Though you could double-check to disable it as well.

Thank you, could you also tell me if it’s safe to disable the journal flush service? I have masked it but i wonder if it would cause trouble.

No. It is not.
Unless you plan on manually handling that journal flush yourself you shouldnt touch that.

I get the feeling you found out about disabling services and now you are just shooting wildly.
It would probably better serve you to get a handle on what all these things are, what you want to achieve, and whether disabling every service in sight is actually the best way to go about it.

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How can i unmask it?

If you didnt know how to unmask it you shouldnt have masked it in the first place.
If you didnt know what it does you shouldnt have masked it in the first place.
…et al…

But its unmask, as in systemctl unmask SOMETHING

I was looking for a way to shorten boot times and someone suggested to mask the journal flush, i didn’t expect it to be something troublesome.

The first result on DDG is this and seems pretty explanatory:

(including what it is, why it might be slow, how to configure it, etc)

Sorry for the trouble, i have moved to Manjaro a while ago, i’m still getting the hang of it and sometimes i can be a bit careless, also thanks for all the help.

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No worries. I am just trying to stop the careless bit :wink:

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