Slow boot time unless I remove secondary drive

I have a Thinkpad T420. I dual boot Manjaro and Windows from a mSata. In the regular hard drive slot I have a 1TB SSD for file storage. In the optical drive bay I have a 2TB regular hard drive.
When I select Manjaro at the GRUB menu there is a ~40 second delay booting up. If I remove the SSD then it boots in about 2 seconds. If I leave the SSD in and select Windows then it also boots normally.
I have another T420 downstairs in the house with a similar set up and it doesn’t have any delay booting up. I am on the upstairs T420 more so I guess there’s more chance I messed it up.

Sorry if I’m not giving a lot of helpful information as I’m at a loss of how to troubleshoot this.
I did a systemd anaylze blame:

38.953s polkit.service
38.910s systemd-logind.service
38.822s NetworkManager.service
38.718s avahi-daemon.service


Is that the whole output?