Slow boot time after every update

Hello. I noticed a problem with my Manjaro KDE dual-boot installation (with Windows 10). I have been using Manjaro for a couple of months now. After the fresh install (21.0.3), startup was fine (~30-32 seconds). But after update (to 21.0.4), the time bumped up to 40 seconds. So recently I reinstalled Manjaro 21.0.4, everything was fine, but after the 21.0.6 update again the slow startup began and after login the kde desktop is black with a cursor (for 3-4 sec). systemd-analyze blame gives
10.101s snapd.service 7.519s lvm2-monitor.service 6.679s polkit.service 4.565s dev-sda11.device 3.324s cups.service 2.718s avahi-daemon.service 2.714s bluetooth.service 2.703s NetworkManager.service 2.688s systemd-machined.service 2.688s systemd-logind.service 2.303s ModemManager.service 1.767s ldconfig.service 1.744s ufw.service 1.389s apparmor.service 1.108s udisks2.service 1.064s tlp.service 982ms systemd-journal-catalog-update.service
I have a snapshot of the previous version (21.0.5). Should I restore that and again try updating, or should I reinstall Manjaro (I really don’t wanna do that)?


And what happens after second and third boot, still slow?

Yes, still slow.