Slate/PC Tablet Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone,

I’m running Manjaro on a Surface Go and while everything works more or less, I guess there is still room for improvement. Since I did not find too much information about the configuration of Manjaro for a “Linux Tablet” (except for Tablet PC - ArchWiki), I would like to start a discussion how to set those up. (Pinetab seems to be quite usable, so there seems to be a way. ;)). So do you have additional “guides” and what is your setup.

My setup:

  • Manjaro KDE (started with Gnome, which in my opinion is kind of better suited for touchscreen use, but fractional scaling caused some issues in Gnome, and I like Okular better ;)).
  • on-screen-keyboard: onboard, not beautiful but gets the job done

My current “problems”:

  • virtual keyboard on login-screen on top of screen instead of bottom
  • screen blacks out for approx. 2 seconds each time it is adjusted due to rotation
  • energy management, especially sleep & hibernation

So in case you have any suggestions and tips, feel free to share. :slight_smile:

Thanks and best regards,