Slate 21 for manjaro arm? Does it exist?

I'm wondering if it exists since I started trying to research if anyone did a build for slate 21? It has a 21 inch touch screen and a tegra 4 in there. I don't remember the arm processor if its pass its due date or not. But if not then just checking. Is it possible to get minimal installed on it and then start getting all the OS working within the terminal? Or is it that has to be a build just for that ? The slate 21 has a good enough gpu and would be a good desktop if only it was supported by the linux community. I haven't seen anything yet. If anyone knows or would be interested in making it or telling me of where I could get a build for it it would be great :slight_smile: I don't like seeing tech trown into garbage and I think that it would benefit not just me but any other person that has a slate 21 and don't want to trow it away just yet. Any other Platform would be great too if manjaro would expand on these things. I know it runs android but still think manjaro could work on it.

Ive seen a few of these in the wild. Probably decent devices but generally devices that come shipped with android like to lock down the bootloader and even the storage so that it cant be altered. Linux as a community enjoy trying to find ways around it however, when a device has been around for as long as it has with no apparent linux support, it is safe to say that its locked down pretty tight.

Sadly, I don't think there is much hope for it as far as Linux goes (native linux anyway). There may be some android root options that will allow you to install different versions of android. With this, you could even use one of the linux deployment applications to run linux inside of the android OS. It wont be fast, probably wont have any graphic support except for basics, and probably not usable for much more than a few things but possible.

maybe not linux but there are custom android versions you can set up on it.

I have slate 6
But my bad luck no custom recovery was ever made for it.:cry: