Slack closes after my screen is locked

Hello, I have Slack installed from snap. Everytime my screen is locked Slack application is closed. I have also other apps from snap and they are working ok. I couldn’t find any relevant logs via journalctl -u snapd. Do you have any idea what should I do?

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Same here.
Using Gnome

Same here. Using Gnome as well.
I’ve been using the snap version of the Slack App for a long time. This just started to happen since ~2weeks ago, never happened in the past.
Really annoying thing.

Please don’t use the snap version but use the one from the AUR as the snap version is containerized and debugging what is going wrong is horrendously difficult and should be taken up with the snap package maintainer.

  1. Remove snap version

  2. Activate AUR

  3. execute:

    pamac install slack-desktop

I wrote to slack support and they wrote back that they have a problem in their snap distribution and will resolve it in next release or two

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Thanks @Fabby. This can be solution.

Btw. it started to work again. I do not know what package caused it I noticed it just lately waking up my computer and Slack was there. Then I tried locking and unlocking it and it stayed. I will observe it for a while.

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