Skype "unable to sign in please check your internet connection and try again"

Hi guys i’m new in manjaro…I tried to install skype several times (both skypeforlinux, both via snap and flatpak) but I always get this error “unable to sign in please check your internet connection and try again”.
Sometimes it accesses, such as yesterday, but today the same problem again and it’s really stressful not to have skype working.

I upgraded to Kernel 5.10 and also upgraded nss (I had read it could depend on this) but it still doesn’t work and I don’t know what else to do.
Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks and sorry for my English

Hi, can you give a try with skype-web-jak ?

I’ve installed skype-web-jak but when I launch it appears the skype windows with the error

Unable to reach the site.
Could not find the IP address of the login server.


Odd… Do you connect through a firewall, a VPN, a proxy, with aggressive settings?

I don’t think.
Ufw (i think its the firewall) is inactive.
VPN or proxy I’ve never configured them.

It’s the only app/site that make me crazy because is not working. Yesterday afternoon it worked after all morning it didn’t work … today I turned the pc back on and it doesn’t work again.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling multiple times and deleting what’s in the .cache folder.

Update: maybe i’ve resolved.

I add google dns in resolv.conf and now skype and login work correctly.

The NetworkManager override this configuration everytime i turn pc on and remove the dns google setting those it receives from dhcp.

So now in the NetworkManager.conf I specified that it shouldn’t update the dns and now it seems to work.