Skype (from Flatpak) - need to 2-factor-sign-in every day

Hello fellow Manjorians!

I’m using Manjaro GNOME and I would like to use Skype.

Currently, I installed Skype through a Flatpak, since I also want to avoid having Snaps on my system (I could have stayed on Ubuntu if I wanted those…).

It sort of works. I’m required to fully sign-on every day or so. I have 2-factor-login enabled and my MS-account uses a complicated password, so it is annoying to always have to go through that. Plus, the first login-attempt regularly fails with a “white window” - I then have to force-close Skype and restart it and then it works. It will also work after a reboot, but if I need it a day or two later, it is back to 2-factor-login again.
The flatpak does update every now and then, but this non-sticking login is the same since I use it (4 months or so, I do not need it very often)

Is it just me? Is it the flatpak? Is there some trick to it like enabling GNOME password management being accessible from flatpak-Skype?

Any hint is appreciated!


Hey … why dont you use the AUR to install it.
I use it and works like a charm


Well, that was a quick fix!

I just did not find Skype in AUR. Installed it and it works! Thanks!


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