Skype asks to unlock gnome key-ring after every reboot

On Manjaro KDE, I have the following package installed (from AUR):
At first, it would ask me to sign into my skype account again every time. A google search told me to install gnome key-ring. After installing that package, I now only need to enter the key-ring password, which is less of a hassle, but I would like to eliminate that, too. How do it?
I tried using the snap skype app instead, but it did not display the “Meet now” button, and did not list my recent items, even after signing in. So I went back to skypeforlinux as the lesser of the two evils.
I suppose I could use the Skype electron wrapper, which does seem to work as expected. But I believe, perhaps superstitiously, that it is better to actually have the app installed locally.

Sounds like you have mixed up your keyring/wallet/password managers.
KDE already has one - the KDE Wallet … so I dont see why you would need ‘gnome keyring’.
(then again its skype … so it could be all sorts of silly)

In any case … what you want to do is have it unlocked when you log in.
A number of requirements have to be met for that to happen - including same password as user, and that you arent using autologin.

Info on wallet:

on Gnome keyring if you need it:

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Skypeforlinux defaults to gnome-keyring and doesn’t play well with KDEwallet. That’s what posters are saying. Oh, well.

In that case I guess you want to figure out how to automatically unlock it.
Seems like you can a few ways (but that SDDM should do it already automatically?):

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