Size of the icons(windows) on vertical panel

Hi, I'd like to know how can I change the size of a window displayed on the panel.
It's on vertical mode, and instead of just showing the icon, the window icon is large.
It's quite annoying because I ran out of space easily.

I think I get what you're asking.

Is this helpful?


Yes, it is exactly what I'm looking for, but I cannot find it in Manjaro :sweat_smile:

Right-click on the panel > Panel > Panel Preferences > Items > select Window Buttons from the list of items > click on the preferences icon on the right side > under Appearance uncheck the option Show button labels.

This should make the window buttons appear as icons (without labels).


Yes, it is right there!
Thank you both :smiley:



Please m-i-s-100 :slight_smile: @gloria

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