Site unusable for me over past 12 hours, 502 gateway errors


it started again, now i get this message

Network Error

while trying to load [/user-badges/…)

Please check your connection.


The whole site rebooted a bit ago, everything went offline.
Things seem fine now.


I’ve updated the forum server, rebuilt the Discourse container, and rebooted.

Overall load is still below 4 (hovering around 2.8), which is fine for a server with four cores.

Let’s see how it goes. I don’t want to ask for more resource from Bytemark unless we really need it.


I suspect things will quieten down again once this current update window has passed. :+1:


Especially on (crashy?) stable update days … everyone is being told to read the announcement threads, hopefully all this extra traffic doesn’t cause Discourse availability issues.


Getting a lot of unexpected errors again trying to post.


May be related to latest unstable update, testing laptop is fine, all the issues are on the unstable laptop … nope now on both … now site is down.

After site / server restart all looks fine again, nothing to do with unstable updates.

Unresponsive script in the Off-Topic category

Log in using the tor browser to see if Jonathon’s just having fun making your IP address have problems connecting. :smile:

Mine’s fine today, maybe a tad slow.


I just had to make fun. Now it just hit me too.


Yep some site issues, I had the site become unreachable maybe 20 minutes ago on trying to like a post.

Did something else for a while and came back and so far no problems…


Did another rebuild and reboot. Server got a kernel update.


Its almost like this is the thing EVERY TIME.
(ok ok … its either load or reboot … but still … a mention and a bit of verification is fine enough)


Thank you. Your efforts in providing a usable forum is much appreciated.