Site unusable for me over past 12 hours, 502 gateway errors


Has anyone else been experiencing forum access / login issues?

For the last 12 hours I’ve been unable to login (unexpected errors), and even accessing the forum has been hit and miss … mainly with 502 gateway errors.

Even logging in this time took minutes, after a slew of unexpected errors and 502 gateway errors.

Is this a host issue, site issue, has Discourse been updated recently?


LOL, took me nearly 10 minutes to edit this one post … so many 502 gateway errors and unexpected errors (which I presume are javascript errors).

What is going on?


same here :disappointed_relieved: i thought im the only one, :relieved:

i have a snow storm here… i blamed it on that


Same here - gateway trouble all over


I’m blaming the weather. It’s 8.45am & already it nearly 36c down under in Melbourne. :sob:


same here brah


Same experience for about the same time.
Just settled for me about now.


Whatever happened has either been fixed or “unhappened”.

Site seems normal now.


later i got this:

server error
while trying to load /404-body


Back to being sh@t again.

I blame sunspots.


I got that 502 error earlier but I just thought it was down for hardware maintenance or transfer. Maybe worth checking with bytemark if it continues tomorrow as well.


I have been having trouble getting in all day. Glad it is not just me.

:construction: :warning::stop_sign:


It will affect everyone as it isn’t a local error to end users, error 502 means the site’s gateway cannot connect to the database on the separate server actually hosting it.


502s don’t necessarily involve databases. When a request is proxied from one host to another, and the “backend” doesn’t respond in the configured amount of time, a 502 Gateway Timeout/Error is generally the result. This is often seen when running a web app on, say, port 9292 and putting it behind Nginx which listens on 80/443 and proxies to it.




that’s what I meant but was keeping it simple for folks having to translate :wink:


Sigh, site is borked again and basically unusable.

Taken me nearly 10 minutes just to get this thread to load and post this … 502 gateway errors everywhere again.


The server has been serving over 3M requests daily for the last week. Yesterday saw another record peak of 3.8M.

Forum is popular, yo.

I suppose I should check the server too…

Bad gateway 502

Wow. :open_mouth:


Oh, do keep in mind that total requests isn’t page views - if you’re on the forum but not browsing you’ll still be generating requests to the back-end so you get notifications etc.

So, the large number of requests is both down to page views and the number of people active on the forum. More people active, more requests, more resource needed.


Either way, 3M+ requests per day is impressive. :muscle: