SIP clien for Plasma Mobile

Hello everyone,
I am looking for a SIP client for Plasma Mobile - any suggestions?
Thank you.

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Can you let us know whether Ekiga works on PM?
(and please let us know what hardware you’re using)

I want to use it primarily on PinePhone and have the option on Pinebook Pro.
I’ve just try to install Ekiga on Pinebook Pro, but there are some dependencies issues as it cannot resolve ‘gconf’. I’ll try it agan later when I have time (Fri/Sat)

I have just put Phosh on the Pinephone with the integrated SIP in Calls and it works well. I like and appreciate the integration, the phone simply received any calls and when I call I can select which SIP/number to use, everything is at the same place without need of another/different app or interface.

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