Single quote key not generating the correct character anymore

I just ran into an issue pretty much like this one, but that topic was closed.

Since the April 9 update, suddenly my single quote key is not generating a normal single quote anymore (’) but some sort of apostrophy (´). Obviously this pretty much effs up your entire workflow.

I use the “US intl with dead keys” keymap, so I am used to typing the single quote key + spacebar to get my single quote.

I also noticed that something has changed: it used to be that if you hit dead keys like the back tick and single quote keys twice, you would get a single instance of the default back tick or single quote character (so double tap replacing typing the extra space). If you now hit those keys twice, you´ll get the default character typed twice.

My locale looks like:

$ locale

This worked entirely fine until the April 9 update and I hope someone can help me fix this, because it is driving me crazy. Help!

I think your issue is similar to this one:

Indeed. And following the link to the Gnome Gitlab issue, I could change the behavior by adding the definitions in the ~/.XCompose file. Putting them in the ~/.config/gtk-3.0/Compose or ~/.config/gtk-4.0/Compose files didn´t work, but that may be down to my Cinnamon DE and not using Gnome.

It’s hard for me to discover though, has this change been reverted? The issue mentions 2 MR and states that the issue will be closed when they have been merged and the issue is now closed.

[Edit: I guess it has been reverted… I wonder how long it takes to reach Manjaro stable. Next update?]

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