Single GPU pass through on AMD hardware. Help with loading VFIO required

I was given this guide for a single GPU passthrough.

Ok, I tried and but I just get screens off. It looks like how to load VFIO drivers is not included in the guide.

This guide made my system not to pass GRUB.

Going to try this guide and this guide to see if I get past GRUB

Could it be that the boot flag amdgpu.ppfeaturemask=0xffffffff is not compatible with VFIO?

Why have you copied the entire guide? Did you write the guide?

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Ok sorry. I didn’t write the guide.

Went ahead since I figured everything would reset if I just reset the PC. I just get a black screen. Maybe because I’m running software RAID on a separate home partition is affecting the hooks.

# Author: Sebastiaan Meijer (
# Copy this file to /etc/libvirt/hooks, make sure it's called "qemu".
# After this file is installed, restart libvirt.
# From now on, you can easily add per-guest qemu hooks.
# Add your hooks in /etc/libvirt/hooks/qemu.d/vm_name/hook_name/state_name.
# For a list of available hooks, please refer to


BASEDIR="$(dirname $0)"


set -e # If a script exits with an error, we should as well.

# check if it's a non-empty executable file
if [ -f "$HOOKPATH" ] && [ -s "$HOOKPATH"] && [ -x "$HOOKPATH" ]; then
    eval \"$HOOKPATH\" "$@"
elif [ -d "$HOOKPATH" ]; then
    while read file; do
        # check for null string
        if [ ! -z "$file" ]; then
          eval \"$file\" "$@"
    done <<< "$(find -L "$HOOKPATH" -maxdepth 1 -type f -executable -print;)"