Simple screen resolution graphic card question?

Sorry for such a basic question - but appreciating that graphics drivers can sometimes be a challenge in Linux distros, I’m interested in using more of the higher screen resolution (pixel density) permitted by my new LG 32" monitor than the 1920 x 1080 I’m currently getting.

I’m running it on an older Dell Optiplex 7010 tower (originally Win10) that I recently converted to Manjaro as per what you see here…


I’m looking for an affordable graphics card to add-on to make this LG QHD monitor (capable of up to 2560 x 1440) and don’t want to buy a costly card, install it, and then wind up with the same 1920x1080 I’ve got now.

Please beware that I’m not interested in speed (not a gamer) - don’t need anything high powered and would stay cheap. I just hope for better available resolution for my aging eyeballs. :nerd_face:

Any recommendations that would work with drivers known to be supported on Manjaro/Arch platform? (perhaps manufacturers to possibly avoid, maybe NVIDIA?)

Thanks for any direction you might point me. (FWIW, I’ll be shopping in the US)

UPDATE: After a bit more research I took the plunge and ordered a “ZOTAC GeForce GT 730 Zone Edition 4GB”

Again, speed isn’t an issue since I’m not a gamer. I prefer fan-less cooling (= quiet) for home studio recording work and there’s only a 240W power supply in there now, so low wattage is also appealing.

For benefit of anyone following a similar path, I’ll report back as to how this works out supporting 2560x1440 (QHD) resolution for desktop work where video action is limited.

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