Simple File Sharing in Manjaro

I just need the simplest (no need to be safe) file solution to share files from my PC (Manjaro XFCE) to my Smart Box, without password, can anyone help me?

Hi @q42,

Look at

Also have a look at

Hope it helps!

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What is a Smart Box?

Without any knowledge of the target is is impossible to suggest anything.

Syncthing is very simple and safe solution.

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Hello @q42 :wave:

Your “Smart Box” is running Android, right?

The most easiest setup for sharing files without a password and insecure connection is bare metal FTP.

Just run a FTP-Server on the Box: GitHub - wolpi/prim-ftpd: FTP server app for android and connect in thunar like: ftp://ip-adress. No password is needed.

As long as the receiving device has got a web browser you can use a very crude and ad hoc method:
open a terminal and type:
python -m http.server
this will serve all the files below that directory tree - not above it

open the browser and type the ip or name of your PC and the port the server runs on like so:
and you can use the browser to fetch the files …

Simply end the process in the terminal when done (CTRL-c) or just close the terminal
to kill the ad hoc server.

This is just one-way - from PC to the other device.


If running Android,maybe termux and rsync. See wiki on storage. I mainly use my phone to run termux ;-).

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