Simple calendar to visualize your deadline

dline is a simple script that serves as a visual calendar. Compatible with both bash and zsh, this script can help you stay on top of your deadlines and keep track of your time effectively.

Set your deadline using the command dline --set and enter the targeted date in “YYYY/MM/DD” format. This creates a file in the same directory your project resides and is called .deadline which stores your current deadline. Run dline anytime you want to display your calendar.

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I Need your help its not working for me

please can you help

thank you

what is not working?
what is it that you want to achieve?
how do you go about to achieve it?

I would Like to have this Calander

But the commands at the end are not working

need help how do I have a working calendar like that

The first step would be to copy/paste the error that you’ve encountered and tell us which shell do you use (type echo $SHELL).

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Okay, I’ll try.
I’m currently attempting to figure out how to add an additional manager.
One of my favorite fruits is the manjaro