Silly Q, but where is the C: drive when WINE is installed?

I cannot locate it - just installed WINE via Pacman and I cannot seem to locate the C: drive

see below

And if I might add, why do people (seems to be moderators who should be the MOST helpful) automatically assume a poster has not already done searches on Google???

wasn’t really the solution (as I had searched that wiki peviously) but it casued me to try something that worked

So it’s not shown in the hidden folder ~/.wine? Nevertheless, glad it’s working for you.

Moderators are moderators but they often do help - albeit not always the way the user want

6.5.1 Where is my C: drive?

Wine uses a virtual C: drive instead of your real C: drive. The directory in which this is located is called a ‘wineprefix.’

By default, it’s in your home directory’s .wine/drive_c subdirectory. (On macOS, see the macOS FAQ for how to find this.)

See also the WINEPREFIX environment variable; if this is set, wine uses it to find the wineprefix.