Signing out after five minutes, regardless of Power Management setting

Anyone know what I need to edit? I’m not sure where to change the idle time frame for signing me out. Currently, it seems to be 5 minutes. I’ve changed the power management settings, but it still does this. Nothing in System Settings seems to even refer to this. I’d prefer it to just to go allow the monitor to go dark without logging me out (ie, what it does after it has you logged out for 5 or 10 minutes). Puzzling.

Any ideas?

I think you are mixing up the concept of getting logged out and having the screen locked. The login screen and the lock screen are similar in appearance, but they are not the same thing.

Look in System Settings at… :arrow_down:

Workspace → Workspace Behavior → Screen Locking

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That did it. Thanks Aragorn. I went through the settings and wouldn’t have thought to look in workspace.

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